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By Eugenia Algaze Garcia


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Artist Statement


Through my art I hope to inspire a fresh way of seeing more than meets the eye in our every day surroundings. In this day and age people are busy. We often take for granted the hidden beauty that is present around us. Please take a few minutes and see if, after finding the meaningful connections in my art, you may find yourself having a fresher perspective on life.

-- Peace

Eugenia Algaze Garcia



A combination of realism, surrealism, impressionism, symbolism, entertainment, creativity, and somewhat visionary – I call my style "Mindful Art." Most of my paintings reflect symbolism or objects that are hidden on first glance. Just as much of the world is not as it first appears, there is always something that the conscience does not pick up at first but the subconscious mind buries. Or vice versa. Just as a child sees shapes in a cloud, I see shapes everywhere. Imagination is key to creativity.

As a child I admired Leonardo Da Vinci’s work because he studied how things work and he was well rounded. I also had an attraction to the surrealistic work of Dali, which is full of symbolism and fosters thinking. Dr. Seuss and his creative spins on reality have also made quite an impression as did my first grade school assignment to "hide the letter of the day" and incorporate it into a creative picture.

When I paint I allow my feelings for the nature of the subject matter, and/or for the recipient, to form a relationship with the painting itself. Thus, all thought relating to the painting is intertwined until it forms a symbiotic relationship expressed in the resulting artwork.

When I paint I feel like I am in a trance. It is a trance induced by focusing on the subject matter. My subconscious mind grasps the subject ideas and works with them until it deposits the combined concept into my conscience. In my paintings there are two kinds of hidden images and symbols: those I originally planned and those that just happened while I was painting in my self absorbed trance. In some paintings, once out of the "trance", I do not remember all that I "hid". I invite all those who see my paintings to see what they observe. With a good imagination, anything is possible.

My family is the embodiment of the American Melting Pot. I was born in Connecticut, U.S.A. I am of Cuban, Turkish, Greek, Spanish, and French descent. My husband is of German, Mexican-American-Irish descent. My family and friends (also of mixed descent) are very supportive and encouraging – they are part of my source of inspiration.

My mother is a psychotherapist and is very creative. My Father and Mother encouraged me to be unique. Two of my Mother’s aunts like to paint. . My first grade teacher instructed me to "hide the letter or number of the day" as an activity to help learn shape recognition. My art teacher, Ms. Trudy Askew, at Killough Middle School in Alief, Tx, was very supportive of my non-mainstream ideas. My High School English teacher, Ms. Whitlow-George, introduced me to existentialism. My Art 111 instructor at Texas A&M, Professor Robert Schiffhauer, re-introduced me to surrealism and taught me valuable drawing skills. Nina Beall, who taught the Painting I class at Kingwood College, taught me to see colors where previously I thought there were none. Carla Gauthier, who taught a variety of techniques in a watercolor workshop I attended at the Texas Arts Alliance Center at Clear Lake, offered encouragement. Pat Jones, C.N.M., of Women’s Health and Birth Care, assisted in the home birth of my second son and was part of my inspiration for "Expectations" and other birth related paintings. I am also indebted to the many artists (too numerous to name) who have provided inspiration and encouragement in many different ways.

Attorney Louis Bruce Dassa, a thought provoking and much respected friend of the family, taught me to take the word "impossible" out of my dictionary and to embrace my "passion," which I now know is ART. In 2003, on my journey to assist Bay Area Charter School’s fundraising efforts, divine forces led me on a path to David Bui, owner of David Arts in Friendswood. This path ignited an enthusiasm for my work that inspired me to share it with others.

Most importantly, God and family are central to my life.


-- Eugenia Algaze Garcia

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