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By Eugenia Algaze Garcia

Artwork List

 Chronological List of a Selection of Artworks available as Limited Edition Giclee's. Most also available as Note Cards. (Please click on highlighted titles for more information or visual)

 BIRTH Series

 Dentist Series

 Other Landscapes


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 46.  "Coco Solo", 16x20 acrylic. A scene of a palm tree on a beach with a wooden sign "Coco Solo". Hidden are a conch shell, a woman, a dolphin, an angel, and a dog. © 2009

45.  "Graffiti - Teenage Dreams", 18x24, acrylic. A teenager looking up at graffiti of hot cars, wrestlers, and a guitar with a singer on a wall, while his sister climbs over the wall using a rope. Hidden are a woman, a dog, a magnet, a cup of coffee, and a bottle of wine. © 2009

 44.  "Sleeping Dogs With Cat Pajamas", 16x20 acrylic. Can you find at least 10 cats and several heart shapes? © 2009

43.   "One Chile Pepper Too Many", 12x16 watercolor on clayboard, © 2009

42.   "Birds of Paradise", Birds of Paradise plants next to a fence and with a waterfall background. A dragonfly avoids a flower which appears to be a bird trying to snap at it. Several bird shapes hidden with the flowers. . © 2009

41.   "Three Texas 'Wild' Flowers" . © 2008 and

"Texas 'Wild' Flowers III: One is Kickin' In The Wind". Acrylic Can you find the shape of Texas? An exploration in expression and movement with flowers as a subject. © 2009

40. "Horsing Around In The Corn Field" , Can you find 2 horses and a cow? Watercolor, © 2008. 

39. "Sneaky Turkeys", watercolor, 12x16. A leaf as it falls in front of a light brick background. This artwork began as a leaf print and resulted in a seasonal piece involving hidden turkeys and dogs. © 2008. 

 38.   "Mixed Seasons", acrylic, 12x16. This artwork began while I was cleaning brushes during another artwork. It developed into a seasonal artwork mixing youth with age and celebrates the dance of life. © 2008. 

37. "Opposites Attract A Balanced Dichotomy", acrylic, 16x20. Can you find a large face, Yin and Yang, the left side of the brain, the right side of the brain, a scale, a woman, a man. What else do you see? © 2007. 

36. "Yin & Yang Meet",, acrylic, 16x20. Yin and Yang meet in 3 phases. Can you find a tree trunk and a full moon? © 2007. 

35. "ps-70: Dreamer: Can you find a horse, and several books, crosses, and ballerinas? What else do you see? pencil, 8x10. © 2007. 

34. "Footsies & Paradigms",,acrylic, 18"x18", A scene of pieces of paper in the water with footprints on the water and waves. Various animals and faces (monkey, giraffe, people, etc) can be found hidden within the scene, including a preganant woman. © 2007. 

33.   "Dreaming of Ice Cream", conte pencil, 14"x17", Woman sleeping on a sheet bunched up in shape of an ice cream cone. © 2006 

32. "Leaf Study: Leaf Fish", watercolor, Leaves under water. Do you see any fish or faces? 11x14. © 2006 

30. "Ready For The Fall Music", acrylic. A mysterious tree. Can you find a person playing a musical instrument? © 2006.

29. "Knot Dog", acrylic, 16x20. Is it a dog or "KNOT"? © 2006 

28. "Migraine Headache", acrylic, 12x16. Can you find a brain, a fist, a person in a fetal position? What else do you see? © 2006 .

27. "Out On A Limb", acrylic, 22x28. a personified tree in delicate balance and blooming purple flowers. © 2006 

26. "Sciatica," acrylic, 16x20.the artists self portrait in the form of a tree suffering and dealing with "Sciatica". © 2006 

25. "Knothead," acrylic 16x20. Woodgrain with hidden body shapes . See Upstream People Gallery link. (click here). © 2006 

24. "Dog Paddling On The Current; She Swims To The Left", acrylic 24x48. A wave in the shape of a woman swimming. How many dogs can you find? © 2006 

23. "It's Not Hot", acrylic 16x36. A palm tree on a beach. Can you find a smiling face? © 2006 

22. " Healing Tree with stripped bark" acrylic 20x24. © 2006 

21. "The Stowaways: Rabbits, Dolphins, Birds, and Fish", acrylic, 16x20. 3 seagulls resting on the back of a ferry overlooking the wake of the boat. Can you find 2 rabbits, 6 birds, 2 dolphins, and some fish? © 2006 

20. "Javelina Hideaway", watercolor, 18x24, a prickly pear cactus in the desert. Can you find the javelina (wild pig)? © 2005 

19 "Cats and Flowers", watercolor, 12x16, a picture of a vase with flowers on a table. Can you find 15 cats? © 2005 

18. "Circle of Life: Full Circle", watercolor, 18x18. A wreath like shape depicting life cycle using fruits and vegetables in a colorful arrangement. Can you find a fetus in a womb, a couple at a table holding hands, a bird, a bee, a frog, a person with a mask, a woman carrying a harvest, a snail, a wheelchair, etc.? © 2005 

17. "The Flier Plants Roots To Smell The Coffee", watercolor, 18x24. . Giant sequoia / redwood-like trees next to lake with mountains in background and a path. Can you find 2 South African parrots, a cup of coffee, a cell phone, and a foot? What else do you see? © 2005

16.  "El Gallo Canta En La Flor de Flory," (Tranlsation: The Rooster Sings on Flory's Flower). watercolor mixed media. 12x18. A rendering of a red amaryllis. Can you find the Rooster, a turtle, a squirrel, ? What else do you see? © 2004

15.  "When the Rooster Crows, The Bunny Hides," watercolor mixed media, 12x18. A rendering of a red amaryllis. Can you find the Rooster and the bunny? What else do you see? © 2004

14.  "A Whale of a Time," watercolor ,12x16. A white egret at water's edge. Can you find the hidden whale? What else do you see? © 2004

13.  "Flamingo Passion With Hummingbirds," watercolor. A blue Passion flower with hidden flamingos and Hummingbirds. What else do you see? © 2004

12.  "The Twins' Hidden Garden", watercolor. Can you find the shapes of several angels, a longhorn, a thumbs up, a cat, various hidden birds, Texas, New Jersey, Louisiana, Missouri? What else do you see? © 2004

11.  "Ducks Galore Pond" - pencil drawing of ducks at a pond. How many ducks do you see? © 2004.

10.  "Kingfisher Moth," watercolor, 11x14. Can you find a moth, 2 Kingfisher birds, and a fly? What else do you see? (a blue, white, and yellow moth against the background of a jungle.) © 2003.

9.  "Blessing of the Feet. Can you find at least 6 feet and 4 shoes?". --watercolor. 16x20. (A painting of 2 Kemah shrimp boats on the water). © 2003.

8.  "Alexander's Fishy Crab Shell. Can you find a fish and a crab?" -- watercolor. © 2003. (A shell on the wet shore).

7.  "Ballerina Orchid. Can you find the 2 ballerinas?"
--watercolor. 11x14. © 2003. (2 orchids inspired by photo (c) by Greg Allikas with permission.

6.  "Mardi Gras, Bay Area", Can you find the Seabrook pelican and 3 dolphins?" --acrylic,16x20. © 2003.

5.  "Vehicle at Rest. -- watercolor, 11x14. Can you determine the nature of the vehicle under the sheet and find the angel & people resting?" © 2000.

4  "Holy Soccer/Bendito Futbol," watercolor, 15x15. Close up of a soccer ball with Bible symbols on it and a foot looming overhead. © 2000

3.  "Come, Children. It's Safe. Can you find the hidden figure?" --acrylic, (A scene of mountains in the background with children reading under a tree. Hidden is a figure, holding a staff and wearing a wrinkled robe). Click title for information about the artwork. . © 1998.

2.  "A Moment of Peace, watercolor, 11x14. Can you find a wolf, boot, deer, porcupine, 2 horses, an alligator, and a bear. (A scene of a Native American girl in the water, a waterfall in the distance, trees). Click on title to see picture. © 1996

1. "Windows of the Mind. Pencil, 16x20. Can you find 15 windows?" A brain with windows depicting different windows of the mind. © 1986.


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COPYRIGHT NOTICE: Permission required for any application or use of these images or ideas. ©Copyright 1986-2005 Eugenia Algaze Garcia. All rights reserved.






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