By Eugenia Algaze Garcia

"Come, Children. It's Safe,"

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"Come, Children. It's Safe." © 1998 by Eugenia Algaze Garcia

What do you think you see in this artwork?


Story behind artwork

In this artwork I wanted to show how we are never truly alone and how there is more to nature than what we think we see. Also, that nature sometimes tricks our eyes into seeing what we want to see. Furthermore, I wanted to share the feeling of curiosity along with the sometimes timid nature of children; a love for learning along with the joy of books. I wanted to portray a feeling of Peace on the journeys we make in life.

The original acrylic, 24x28, was painted in 1998 for a cousin who is also a friend, and an elementary school teacher. She gave me a quote from the Bible to think about while I created the artwork for her:

In English:

"But Jesus said: "Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven." Matthew 19:14

In Spanish:

"Pero Jesus dijo: Dejad a los ninos venir a mi, y no se lo impidais: porque de los tales es el reino de los cielos." San Mateo 19:14

This painting is not intended to be an idol of any sort, as that is forbidden from "above". It is purely an artistic work to express certain feelings and concepts. The scene is created from my imagination. I may have used a few pictures as references for the faces of the children, but they don't look anything like the children in the pictures I referenced. (This was well before I started creating portraits that resembled those I painted).

In the artwork above,

Did you see a staff? Did you see wrinkles in a long robe? Did you see an outstretched hand and a belt? What about another figure in the tree? If not, look again.





Limited Edition Giclee's


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Limited Edition Giclée's

Limited Edition Size: 195 split between the sizes listed below

Approx 4x5 on canvas, matted $35

12 x 14 gallery wrapped canvas, unframed $150

24x28 mixed media multiple original on canvas $1000.

Texas Sales and Use Tax of 8.25% and reasonable shipping extra, if applicable.


Notecards of this artwork are available as follows:

As singles $2.50 per card

A package of 6 for $12

A box of 12 for $24.

This card makes for a unique Christmas / Holiday card . (So does the "Ripe Prickly Pear" pictured on the home page with its Green and Red colors).

Great "Thank You" Card!

Great "Whenever" Card"

Blank inside. Envelopes included.

Free Customization available on orders of 50 or more @ $2 a card.

Quantities Limited.


 Texas Sales and Use Tax of 8.25% and reasonable shipping extra, if applicable.

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2004 One page 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock calendars still available with this image and Bible verse in Spanish or English. Please specify preference. ($4.50 and $9.50 for magnetic)

2005 calendars (same as 2004 except for year updated) available on request only for orders at $6 each or $12 each for a magnetic version. Please specify Spanish or English.


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