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By Eugenia Algaze Garcia

Creative Writing Spotlight

 March, 2019.

Busy creating and showing art again.



 March, 2015

 "Healing from surgery is a long process. Thank goodness for facebook to be able to post updates when unable to post adjustments to the website."


 September, 2010.

Hmmm……sketching Yoga Trees…..and revisiting Birth Topic. Busy Fall season juggling an ecclectic variety of art exhibitions.



August, 2010

"All my packets of thoughts are coming in waves today"

My paintings were signed, sealed, and delivered this week for the "Parallel Universe - Quantum Physics - Door to the Future" exhibit. The variety of interpretations from 100 artists will be amazing! I snuck a peak at a couple of entries that had just been turned in before mine. Wow! I definitely felt my brain expanding as I learned about the topic while painting "Inside Out" and "2 Corinthians 4:18". Hope my hat still fits. Hope you can make it to the September 18, 2010 opening. -- Eugenia Algaze Garcia


Riding a wave of inspiration, painting, and studying a little bit about Quantum Physics for an upcoming art exhibition while balancing kids and their summer activities makes an interesting summer. -- Eugenia Algaze Garcia


May, 2010

Sneak Peak Inside the Mind of the Artist

Fighting both the Fear of Failure as well as the Fear of Success by trying to ignore Fear, itself, I trudge along forward applying paint to canvas on a new wave of inspiration as I explore two approaches to painting (from loosening realism a little, to extracting order from chaos). I am also exploring the translation of depth perception onto canvas before I resume additions to my tree series..

I notice subtle differences in the way I paint according to mood . Therefore, I must be careful to find the bookmark for the emotions relating to each piece or else any minor adjustments lead to huge changes in the overall look and feel to a painting. Thus some artworks must be set aside and picked up again at another time when the mood and inspiration flows again. I currently have more than eight (8) artworks in various stages of progress. Some can be completed more rapidly than others depending on how clear their composition is in my mind. Others will unfold as they are created. My goal is to finish at least three of the artworks in progress by the end of the month.


September, 2009

 "It is not the language of painters but the language of nature which one should listen to, the feeling for the things themselves, for reality, is more important than the feeling for pictures." -- Vincent Van Gogh



August 2009 (fair use for media ok with this entry)


"Resilience" a mixed media artwork created by Eugenia Algaze Garcia in July 2009 is a piece about a tree that survived Hurricane Ike. This artwork will exhibit at the TAACCL exhibit that opens on August 20, 2009. Three other Hurricane Ike artworks preceded it : "Endurance", "Hope", and "Prayer", but they were not selected by the juror for presentation in TAACL's exhibition.

"Resilience" shows how something tried to "blow out the candle", the life force of the tree. The tree fought back and proceeded to be resilient and grow despite missing some vital limbs. A hidden cruise ship within the painted worn wood frame represents the smooth sailing it foresees in its future along with the recycling of the lost limbs into something useful.

A real tree inspired this painting. The shape of the tree may have been modified slightly for artistic representation. The four artworks are also part of Eugenia's larger tree series.



July 2009


All our knowledge has its origins in our perceptions.

Leonardo da Vinci


Different life experiences lead different people to perceive things from different perspectives.

How we view the world depends on how we perceive it.

Our perceptions are affected by all of our senses: sight, smell, touch, taste, sound.

Art is a tool that helps us communicate our observations of these senses so others can understand.


-- Eugenia Algaze Garcia










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