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By Eugenia Algaze Garcia

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June, 2009

Eugenia, I keep up with you and your work, and you have to be so proud of
all you have accomplished. I am so very happy for you; I know how hard you have worked. I love your new website. You are truly a professional. Keep up the good work, and best of luck with your latest shows.

Carol & Hunter George


March, 2009 --

Hi Eugenia,

I just want to thank you again for spending the day with us at Cline Elementary yesterday. The kids had so much fun learning to paint with leaves. I even learned something new! Thank you so much for your time and sharing your passion with our children.


Donna M.,

Friendswood, Tx.



September, 2008 --

WOW Eugenia!!!

I visited your web site again and absolutely love where your art has taken you. I can see growth and transformation in your work!!! Very exciting to see. I am connecting with your work even more now. I was connecting earlier, but not as strong. I can see more of your thoughts and visions in the newer paintings. It is very intense and yet very relaxing at the same time. I like how you are not restricted in your work, as you were when you did special orders. The special orders are nice, but this absolute creativity that you have allowed yourself, in your free art, is much better. I am so excited for you. I wish you even more success. The article that was written was very good. A shame she thought your web site needed work. I agree though. Your art is so special that it does deserve a closer look. But I guess that just makes a better reason to visit your shows.

Lisa Schreiner

The Flavour Gourmet Gal.


February, 2008 --

Dear Eugenia,

I would just like to take a moment to thank you for sharing your gift with our students at Cline Elementary on Fine Arts Day, Friday, February 1st. All the children and adults who were lucky enough to get to see your demonstration were fascinated and enthralled. The children especially loved being able to create their own art using your tips and ideas. Thank you so much for giving your time and energy to encourage our young artists!!


Sharon Sullivan, 3rd Grade Teacher, Friendswood, Texas


January, 2008 --

Hi Eugenia!

My name is Eugenia Amanda Garcia and I live in San Diego . I Googled myself and you popped up. The only reason that I am sending this email is because my family is also Cuban and I thought it was a funny that you were too.

I appreciate your art work and that you are unique. My father Pelayo Garcia and Uncle Alejandro Garcia are also artists. Their websites are www.pelayopaintings.com and www.algarcia.org

I hope that you have a beautiful life.

Eugenia Garcia

Prudential California Realty


Fax: 619-923-0030

Search the MLS at www.EugeniaGarcia.com


December, 2007 --

You are so talented, I hope you are very successful out here and I can say I knew her when I could afford her!!!

Joyce LaFleur , Fulshear, TX


September, 2007 --

I have been watching your work for over a year now and I am moved by the diversity of your expressions.
Your passion and skill really shows. You have a unique ability to listen to what your clients want and customize your art accordingly. You truly have something for everyone. I am so glad we met. You have inspired me to enjoy and appreciate art even more than I did. I am very excited about your success and wish you more of the recognition you so much deserve.
Lisa Schreiner
Houston, TX


August, 2007--

I met Eugenia Algaze Garcia at an art competition in Texas City. I was admiring her Tree Series artwork. I especially like her "Sciatica" painting that she explained to me in full detail. Her artwork really speaks to me.

I am an art teacher and Eugenia offered to come and speak to my students. Eugenia came to Oppe Elementary School in Galveston, Texas in May of 2007. She presented a fantastic "Science in Art" hands-on Tree Art workshop to fourth grade students. The students were delighted that she shared her art skills and art work with them. She taught them that nothing is impossible when creating works of art. She also taught them that they themselves, as individuals, make things possible which is very empowering for them to hear.

Eugenia explained that most of her art reflects symbolism or objects that are hidden on first glance. Students got to view her artwork and look for hidden objects. Students then created their own tree art by rubbing over tree branches with charcoal and crayons. Then they used their imaginations to find and/or draw hidden objects in their art.

Thank you, Eugenia, for coming to my school!!! Photos are attached for viewing. (click here). I plan on having Eugenia create a drawing of my daughter with hidden objects in it. She is a very talented individual!

Teri Clough, Galveston, Tx


 April, 2007 --

"What a surprise! It's always fun to win something. Thank you.

Dan and I enjoyed seeing all the art displayed at the Artistas Del Mar Art Show. That is a great location since it pulls (people like us) from the highway. High visability is always good.

Your art is so unique and beautiful. I'm glad we found your art and you were there to explain it to us. What a talent you have!

Thanks again and I'm pleased to have been the recipient of your note card give-away.

Sue Ryder


"Absolutely Wonderful!"

"Have never seen your work [in person] - I am not an art connoisseur I just love things that move me! Love, Love, Love your birth series. Want to see, learn and admire more! I cannot wait to see in person, and bring something so beautiful to my home. I got chills up and down my arms - thank you for sharing your wonderful gift.

Please add me to your notification list.


Jo Ann Rankin"


 March, 2007 --

"WOW! Outstanding!

The quality of your work is getting its recognition!


Larry Bradshaw

Professor of Art, WFAB 209 Dept. of Art/Art History University of NE Omaha 6001Dodge Street Omaha, NE 68182-0011 402-554-3759 lbradshaw@mail.unomaha.edu "


"CONGRATULTATIONS on yet another step to national fame

Michael Roller


RE/MAX Realty West

29818 FM 1093, Suite 108

Fulshear , TX 77441

Office: 281-346-0222

Mobile : 281-924-6287

Fax: 281-346-0225

Web: www.RealtyWestHomes.com


 "I AM SO EXCITED!!! YES!!! I cannot wait for my pencil portrait! Thank You so much for telling me about the survey! I LOVE, LOVE your artwork and now I am going to have a custom made work of art myself! Thank you so much."

Jessica R., Katy, Tx


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