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By Eugenia Algaze Garcia

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February, 2007


The drawing is terrific! Just one request. Can you make the labels darker so that it's very obvious who the people are? e.g., Mgr, dev., etc and also the label on the scale (Texas Property Law). This is exactly what I pictured and you have drawn it beautifully!


( To see "Texas Property Law" custom artwork - click here)


November, 2006 --

"WOW! You have been very busy!!!! Your website is wonderful.

It has been much too long since I last visited. Keep up your wonderful Work. I am soo excited for you. Can't wait to see what is next. I will show my girls your new stuff. It will be nice to enjoy your work with them."

J.C., Pennsylvania


October, 2006 -- "Hi Eugenia,

I received 'C-section' and it's in perfect condition...thank you again. My wife loves it, and is looking for just the right place in the house to place it. Good luck, and please send some of that Texas sun up here in NY. "

D.B., New York


August, 2006 -- "Hi Eugenia,

That was so much fun to see your art at the gallery!!!

I really enjoyed your painting. I especially liked the texture and the dimensional effect of the child."

[about "C-section" at TAACCL]

Lisa, Flavour Gourmet, Houston, Tx.


May, 2006 -  Hi, Eugenia!

"The S.A.F.E. Summer Program thanks you for
facilitating the workshop on cactus art 
this morning for our 1-5th graders. Our 
kids very much enjoyed it! I heard many of them
telling their parents as they were being picked up
that they learned how to be artists today. As far
as I'm concerned, there can't be too many artists
in the world, as they are the creative ones that
tune us into our surroundings and give us a way 
to see things differently. 

They had so much fun guessing and learning which
primary colors blend to make the secondary colors
and how to see light and shadow. Your lessons will
give them new tools to work with now when they are
given a trey full of paints and a brush. So, thanks.

Here are some pictures of the event for you to post
 if you would like."  (click here)

~Gail Bixler-Thomas
S.A.F.E. Summer Program
Mark Kilroy Foundation
Santa Fe, Texas


March, 2006 - see press release from Upstream People Gallery (click here)


November, 2005 - "Thanks for doing such a great job on the picture at this busy time of year. I think that this one is the best of all the pictures you have done for me. I'm looking forward to more."

A.F., El Lago, Tx.


November, 2005 -- Thank you so much for your thoughtful gift of Flamingo Passion with Hummingbirds. " I will cherish it always." I love how you took so many of my favorite things and created a special work of Art just for me. " I have never felt more special. " I do not feel I can ever truly express the joy to you that I have when I look at it. I hung it in the entry to our home so that all who enters can enjoy it as much as I do. I am so sad that I am not able to go to your shows since we moved away. I do want you to know that I am keeping my eyes open to enjoy what you have to bring to the world next . I am trying to keep up with all your New Art and your Website's every opportunity I have.

I want you to know that you will always be a great friend to me. " I miss you so much. "

I am so proud of you and all the hard work you do.

" I hope you always have the Passionate Dream of Art. "

Love From Waynesburg PA.

Joanna Cobaugh


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