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 October, 2005 -- "Just wanted to let you know that my wife absolutely loved the portrait. I had it framed and double-matted in acid-free materials, and it looks great.

Thanks so much for your hard work and efforts. GREAT JOB.

Good luck in the future."

Gary Finkelman, Class of '83


 June, 2005 -- "Eugenia, Thank you so much for presenting your Bubble Art workshop for the 1-5th graders in our summer program today. You have a wonderful gift as well as an amazing ability to help children see that art is, in fact, everywhere! We enjoyed it very much. I hope to be able to work together again in the future. In the meanwhile, go be creative! Attached are seven of the pictures I took.

Thanks again,

Gail Bixler, S.A.F.E. Program Manager, Mark Kilroy Foundation, Santa Fe, Tx.

Art Is Everywhere (Bubble Art) Mindful Art Workshop Presentation by Eugenia Algaze Garcia at Mark Kilroy Foundation's S.A.F.E. summer program in Santa Fe, Texas, June 6, 2005. Photos by Gail Bixler.

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Photo 1 - Art is Everywhere

 Photo 2 - Looking for Shapes Warm Up

 Photo 3 - Participants Enjoying Art

 Photo 4 - Bubble Art Fun

 Photo 5 - Bubble Art Fun

 Photo 6 - Bubble Art Fun

 Photo 7 - Bubble Art Fun


Response to Gail:

I appreciate your comments. Thank you also for the photos.

I enjoyed working with you and the children in such a worthwhile program as S.A.F.E. It was rewarding after the activity when a few of the children came up to me and pointed out a few things they had noticed that demonstrated that they were applying what they had learned during the workshop about Art being everywhere.

For example, after the workshop while I was cleaning up and the kids were doing the limbo, one participant excitedly came up to me, displayed a piece of paper he had absentmindedly folded, and then noticed it had the same shape as several different objects: a tree, an arrow, etc. Another noticed the interesting effect of mixing of colors in the colored bubble soup that was being discarded.

Thank you for putting together such a wonderful program for the children. It sounds like they are going to have a great week.

-- Eugenia Algaze Garcia


May, 2005 -- Re: Cactus Art watercolor demonstration

"Eugenia, Thank you so much for donating your time and talent at our Fine Arts Day! We have received great feedback from our teachers, and even our students! We really appreciate all of the thought and preparation you put into this full day! Maybe next year you will have time to actually sit and enjoy some lunch! You helped make this day a huge success. I look forward to talking to you about next year! Thanks again,

-- Shannen Wyatt & Sue Shroeder, PTA organizers of Fine Arts Day at Cline Elementary in Friendswood, Texas.


 May, 2005 -- "I have my picture hanging and it looks great. Thank you. I will cherish it. It's very peaceful!

We were looking at your website and decided you need to put your picture on it somewhere! People like seeing the artist. If you're reluctant to do that, maybe you could hide it somewhere."

--- :) Gail, Texas


05/04/05 -- Received the painting today!!!!!!!!! We really like it; You do such nice work. I believe we will hang it in the front Hall so everyone that visits can enjoy it also.......

-- Sharon G., Tucson, Arizona


04/18/05 -- Beautiful artwork and a beautiful name!

-- Eugenia Garcia, Prudential California Realty, San Diego, California


12/18/04 -- Congratulations Eugenia! Your art is wonderful. I hope to one day have an original piece.

-- Frieda, Jewelry Designer, Elan's Beadazzle Boutique, Port Arthur, Texas.


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