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By Eugenia Algaze Garcia


   In addition to the locations listed in the Exhibitions link (at left), the following locations also display and/or sell Mindful Art by Eugenia Algaze Garcia.


 Fulshear Pharmacy in "Mindful Art- Medicine for the Soul" section. -- Some originals, ltd edition giclee prints, and some note cards of Eugenia's Mindful Art available for purchase. (Fulshear Pharmacy 29810 FM 1093, Fulshear Tx 77441)


 Mindful Art Booth: see Exhibitions.

  Bay Area Charter Elementary School. "Blessing of the Feet" limited edition multiple mixed media (in office) and a mural (click here for more info)


  Café Press: Mindful Art On-line Store

To ORDER shirts, mugs, ornaments, Calendars and other misc gift items bearing a limited selection of Mindful Art artworks by Eugenia Algaze Garcia, please click on one of the following links

Items in English <--- click here

Items in Spanish <--- click here

 Items based on Circle of Life:Full Circle ß -----click here



 Special Functions: If your organization would like Mindful Art available for a special function or for a hands on workshop in the Houston, Texas area, please email or call to schedule. (Click contact information link at left).

  Mindful Art Workshops:

  • Bubble Art Workshop
  • Prickly Pear Cactus Watercolor Workshop
  • Leaf Study Watercolor Workshop
  • Tree / Nature Study Workshop

Introduction to each workshop includes an interactive presentation using Mindful Art artworks and is customized to suit your group's specific needs. Sample topics for activities include: "Art is Everywhere", "Science in Art", "Math in Art", "Nature and Art".


  Other Art Classes:

  • Basic Drawing Skills (12 classes)
  • Beginning Acrylic Painting (Left Brain vs Right Brain)
  • Basic Watercolor Techniques
  • Acrylic Texture Techniques
  • Beginning Basic Sculpture Techniques
  • Art Journaling
  • Other classes based on art needs of group

Private art classes for small groups: homeschoolers, adult groups, pre-k groups, other

Please email or call to schedule a workshop or art classes for your group

See contact information link at left.



Other Links: Interesting Links

  BIRTH --


"The Journey of Giving Birth". See http://thebeginningofmotherhood.blogspot.com/


Dick Blick Art Supplies -- see link below.

Jerries Artarama Art Supplies -- https://www.jerrysartarama.com/


Galveston Art League -- http://www.galvestonartleague.com

Lone Star Art Guild -- http://www.lonestarartguild.org/

Nina Beall, artist -- http://www.ninabeall.com/

Trudy Askew, artist -- http://www.artaskew.com


Webworks, AZ US and photos -- http://azuswebworks.com












Various Art Supply Links:


Dick Blick Art Materials


Dick Blick Art Materials


Design and Sell Merchandise Online for Free



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