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By Eugenia Algaze Garcia

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 This is a list of some of the real or imaginary Mindful Art Landscapes. Click on highlighted words or contact the artist for more information.


  "Field of Freedom. Can you find the shape of Texas?" --acrylic . © 2002. (A tractor going down a red and white field).


  "It Still Works v.0. Can you find the longhorn and the thumb's up?" -- acrylic. (© 2003. (A tractor planting plants on a red and white field at night). ("It Still Works" before the plants were added).


  "It Still Works." Can you find over 20 hidden forms?" --acrylic, 16x20. © 2003. (A tractor planting plants on a red and white field at night. Includes a longhorn, 2 thumbs up, historic firetruck, Old Ice Cream Truck, Cat Spring grapes, a bottle of HAAK's 2002 Blanc Du Bois wine (made in Santa Fe, Tx), an airplane, a space shuttle, two hands praying, & much more hidden in the plants including other historic Texas symbols from Columbus, Bellville, New Ulm, Weimer, various Texas county shapes, etc. ).

I found an old tractor in New Ulm, Texas that intrigued me. I wondered if it still worked. Well, of course, it did! In light of everything else going on in the country, a 4th of July art exhibit and an exhibition in New Ulm, I researched the little towns just west of Houston and let my subconscious mind do the hard work. Then I spent 40 hours painting this 16x20 painting in acrylic during a spring break and the wee hours of the night while my Mom played with the kids.

(Upstream People Gallery's 7th Annual Landscape International exhibition archives at upstreampeoplegallery under Garcia - Aug 2005 - July 2006)



   "Autumn For Bill", Can you find 2 alligators, 2 elephants, & 4 turtles?" --acrylic. © 1997. See picture on home page. The original is a 30x40 acrylic landscape. I painted this one for my brother. It is a combination of 3 to 5 different scenes from photos he sent me and a touch of imagination. It took 6 to 9 months to develop and complete this painting in 1997.

  "Javelina Hideaway", watercolor mixed media, 18x24.. Can you find a hidden Javelina? © 2005. A scene of a prickly pear cactus against a desert background at sunset. Inspired by a photo of a javelina with permission from az us webworks. Artwork shown at left.


  "The Twins' Hidden Garden", watercolor. Can you find the shapes of several angels, a longhorn, a thumbs up, a cat, various hidden birds, Texas, New Jersey, Louisiana, Missouri? What else do you see? © 2004


  "The Flier Plants Roots To Smell The Coffee", watercolor. Giant sequoia / redwood-like trees next to lake with mountains in background and a path. Can you find 2 South African parrots, a cup of coffee, a cell phone, and a foot? What else do you see? © 2005

Artwork shown at left.


 "A Moment of Peace. Can you find a wolf, boot, deer, porcupine, 2 horses, an alligator, and a bear?" © 1996. --watercolor, 11x14.. (A scene of a Native American girl in the water, a waterfall in the distance, trees). Click on title to see picture.


 Please contact us for more detailed information or for availability of note cards or limited edition giclee prints of some of these artworks.

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"It Still Works"

© 2003 Eugenia Algaze Garcia














"Javelina Hideaway"

© 2005 Eugenia Algaze Garcia





"The Flier Plants Roots To Smell The Coffee"

© 2005 Eugenia Algaze Garcia

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