By Eugenia Algaze Garcia

Sneaky Fish Series


Each Sneaky Fish artwork has at least one hidden fish. In some cases, the originals are available for purchase and giclee prints will not be available, unless otherwise noted.



"Sneaky Fish & Pelican",

8x10 acrylic (SOLD)

How many hidden fish can you find?

ã 2008 by Eugenia Algaze Garcia

This artwork began with a photo reference with permission from Dan Cecil, Dan Cecil Photography, 281-542-7993


"Sneaky Fish with Seagull on a Blue Sky Day,"

watercolor, 8x10

ã 2004 by Eugenia Algaze Garcia




"Sneaky Fish with Seagull at Sunset, "

watercolor, 8x10


ã 2004 by Eugenia Algaze Garcia

Companion to picture above.





Unique Sneaky Fish will appear from time to time at different events.



"Yin & Yang Meet" 16x20, acrylic.

Can you find a tree trunk and a full moon in a night sky?

ã 2007 by Eugenia Algaze Garcia

Giclee Prints available in various sizes. Please contact for more information. Limited edition size: 195.




 "The Stowaways: Rabbits, Dolphins, Birds and Fish" 16x20, acrylic.

ã 2006 by Eugenia Algaze Garcia

I've always been fond of watching the seagulls on the Boliver - Galveston Ferry. The dolphins, birds, and fish, are hidden because they are things we love to look for on the ferry ride. The hidden rabbits symbolize the peace felt while riding on the ferry.

Giclee prints on canvas available in sizes: 4x5 and 16x20.

Ltd edition size: 195


"A Whale of a Time," watercolor

(Can you find a hidden whale?)

ã 2004 by Eugenia Algaze Garcia

I saw this white egret in a ditch one day while I was driving around. I see them all the time, but they usually fly away quickly as soon as they hear the car slow down. This one looked like he was having such a great time fishing that he was almost oblivious as to his surroundings - he let me get fairly close before he flew away. The dry grass around him reminded me of flames. The concept struck a chord. Needless to say, I sketched him quickly in pencil and recently decided to see what he would look like in watercolor.

Original watercolor (approx size: 10x15 framed to 16x20)

Signed and numbered Limited Edition Giclées may be ordered. Certificate of authenticity included. Limited edition size is 195 for each of the sizes listed:

4x5 on canvas, matted

12x16 on watercolor paper

12x16 on canvas


 Please call or email for pricing.

Sales tax will be added at time of purchase.





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