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Background Information

Background Information -- Eugenia Algaze Garcia


From an early age Eugenia Algaze Garcia has been inspired to be creative. She is the daughter of cuban multicultural immigrant U.S. citizens who value education and hard work. Not realizing her talents and thinking that her passion for the arts would require a financial backing, she pursued a career path in accounting. She graduated with a B.B.A. from Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. She worked in public accounting and then in the private sector for a time, during which she received her CPA license from the State of Texas and earned an M.B.A. from University of Houston at Clear Lake. She is married and has two children.

Eugenia Algaze Garcia was born in Hartford, Connecticut in 1965. In first grade, Eugenia first became fascinated with shape recognition during a classroom hidden letter recognition art exercise. At the tender age of six, she had a near death experience with ruptured appendicitis, which fuels her appreciation for life and its beauty. As a child Eugenia admired Leonardo DaVinciís work because he studied how things work and he was well rounded. Whenever she would go missing during family trips to the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art in Connecticut, her mother would always find her in front of Salvador Dali's art. Needless to say, Eugenia had an attraction to the surrealistic work of Dali, which is full of symbolism and fosters thinking. Dr. Seuss and his creative spins on reality also made quite an impression on the artist. These experiences in combination with many years of reading Highlights magazines in Dentist offices, sparked a part of her unique art style.

For over 35 years Eugenia fed her passion and taught herself to express her ideas while providing personal gifts to her family and a handful of friends in her spare time. Her art training includes a few art classes and workshops along the way, various books from the public library, and the world around her. She has 2 aunts who are artists. Garcia's art has also been influenced by psychology learned from her mother, who is a psychotherapist. In 2003, Eugenia decided to pursue art as a career. Support from other artists, new patrons, friends, and family have provided emotional fuel for Garcia's journey. Through many hours of experimentation and persistent exercises to continuously improve her art expression, Eugenia has continued to grow. Two brain surgeries in 2014 to remove unrelated benign growths have not diminished her spirit and thirst to create and show art. They have only temporarily slowed her down a little while she recovers.

Eugenia Algaze Garcia's paintings have exhibited internationally on-line, and locally, in various juried and non-juried exhibitions. Some of her artworks have won awards, including an Honorable Mention in a National Juried Show and Special Recognition in an a few on-line International Juried Shows. Some of Eugenia's artworks have made their way into private collections.

Current Art memberships include Art League of Fort Bend, Fort Bend Art Center, the National Society of Artists, and the Lone Star Art Guild. Garcia occasionally volunteers to teach a workshop through the "World of Art" program for the children at the Galveston Shriner's Burn Hospital. Eugenia has also been invited to various schools to share her art and conduct interactive workshops with the children. She teaches beginner art classes privately to small groups on request. She is a member of the Fulshear Area Chamber of Commerce.

See www.mindful-art.com for more information.



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