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By Eugenia Algaze Garcia


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Close up of Mindful Art Tree of Knowledge

Dolphins, dinosaurs, mammals, insects, vehicles, sea creatures, ice cream, reptiles, birds, and more! What do you see?




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The Mural project at Bay Area Charter School started off as a project incorporating feedback from teachers and parents with the hopes that future sections of the mural will be added by students. Principal Kris Wessale started the project with various parents assisting in the actual painting.

Helping out to paint the mural, I couldn't help but suggest that we add a touch of Mindful Art to the mural through incorporating nature and some of the project subjects the children had voted on to study. Kris approved the Mindful Art suggestions. The doors, which were to become "just a bookcase," turned into a knowledge tree and the leaves then incorporated symbols representing some of the project topics.

I hear the kids have been having a lot of fun looking for shapes in the tree and patterns in the bookcase.

Thank you to the many parents, teachers, and students at Bay Area Charter Elementary School who made this mural possible through teamwork. We are aiming to complete phase I by March.

Eugenia Algaze Garcia

P.S. This is the first mural in which I have ever been involved.










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