© 2005- 2006

By Eugenia Algaze Garcia

"Circle of Life: Full Circle"



"Circle of Life: Full Circle"

18x18 watercolor

© 2005 Eugenia Algaze Garcia


Inspired by Katerina Graham's Full Circle Organic Produce at the Seabrook Farmer's Market, this artwork follows the circle of life of plants as well as people through hidden symbols.

Starting with the seeds, roots start growing as plants take root (like the hidden baby in a womb).

As plants start growing, much like people, they start blooming with the excitement of exploring life. A couple of hidden bee shapes near the flowers and a hidden bird shape in another part of the wreath represents that birds and bees don't always mix when one wants them to.

After the flowers, a couple sitting at a table represents hopes and dreams for the future. Then a hidden frog symbolizes a maturing phase, leaving the younger tadpole stage of life.

As the fruits and vegetables mature, so do people. A hidden profile (in the chard) is shown taking off a mask to show the stage in life when a person is mature enough to be comfortable with themselves without wearing a mask. Flip your perspective on the mask and the shape is a woman facing toward the circle with her arms holding her harvest - her accomplishments. (A bird from the birds and bees symbolism is hidden here also).

The melon is like a womb releasing ripe ideas and wisdom that are ready to be shared. Older people with many lifetime experiences are often very interesting and "juicy" with "tasty" stories.

The canoe shaped leaf represents the "moving on" to the next phase - beyond this life and to the unknown. The snail and the mushrooms symbolize the recycling process and making way for new growth.

The woman in the wheel chair is present to show that a person who experiences a change in life can still experience the full circle of life, just in a different manner.

I chose a spider and web to complete the circle for several reasons. Mainly, these help to create a "full" circle. The spider web provides the spiritual connections in life as well as the connecting lines between the different life stages.

The spider provides a balance between good and evil. Many people are frightened by spiders, and yet, many spiders capture pests that harm people. Charlotte, the wise spider in "Charlotte's Web", used to write messages in her web. Also, Anansi, the wise spider in African folklore, always had a story to tell.

The "O" shape of the wreath represents that the cycle is never ending: Omega - beginning and end cycle is continuous and interrelated.


Limited edition giclee prints on canvas and fine art paper. Thank You notes.


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