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By Eugenia Algaze Garcia

Healing Trees





Healing Trees

© 2006 Eugenia Algaze Garcia


Like people, Trees are unique.

Each tree is different and affected by each of its challenges.

Trees have a tremendous will to reach the sky and ability to heal their wounds.

They have character and are interesting.

Perhaps that is why they fascinate me.

I could go on and on about trees.

But I won't. I'll let your imagination fill in the blanks.




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"Sciatica", acrylic, 16x20

Due to a degenerated disc, I can always feel the sciatic nerve in my leg. What I feel when I walk is a chord running from my lower back all the way

to my toes on the outer part of my leg. The sensation is so prevalent that I picture it in my mind as a vine that is always there. Some days the pain

is more severe and feels like a bird is pecking at my lower back and tweeking the vine. If I find the right stretching exercises, the pain disappears

and I feel normal -- for a short while, as if the bird stopped and I feel respite. I have based this artwork, "Sciatica", on this image in my mind.

The "Sciatica" is represented by the vine that is felt on the bark of the tree, much like the sciatic nerve is felt on my leg. The bird picks at the tree

like the vertebrae touch and pinch my nerve. The tree is looking up for strength and inspiration, rooting for the day when the pain will be gone.

One arm has its leaves loose and unfocused, trying to form the shape of a bird so that it can fly (for added mobility) representing knowledge of pain

and the inability to focus due to the condition. The other arm is dealing with it by forming a figure of someone stretching their back with their knees to their chin.

A lot of the bark is missing from the tree because the tree is vulnerable and I am trying to break free from the limitations of my condition. My

limping exposes my condition. Also I am letting my inner self be exposed to the world. In addition, the tree's inner strength shines through. The

shadow and cloud cast around the face represent the uncertainty of the unknown and the toxic feelings being released that are caused by the pain.

My grandmother regularly exercises with Yoga stretches and they have helped keep her very mobile even though she suffers from Sciatica, also.

She has practiced Yoga for so many years I can't remember when she started. Her Yoga stretching exercises keep her going and allow her to sleep

at night. She walks a lot and not much keeps her down. Thus, the distant trees doing Yoga stretches in the "Sciatica" artwork are inspirational to help me "kick" the bird that is causing the pain.

My orthopedic condition had caused me to limit my walking because of the discomfort and pain I felt each time I walked. Over the course of 6

months, the pain increased to the point that every 5 steps I had to stop to stretch my back and then I could walk again. I stopped walking and

gained 10 pounds in one year. The weight gain made the issue worse. It had also limited my involvement in my children's active games I did

not know if alternative exercises would hurt me further. However, as long as I was stretching, my pain abated.

After x-rays, MRI's, and nerve testing, the doctor thought I could improve my quality of life through stretching exercises to build up the muscles

and that stronger back muscles would help keep my back straight and in turn keep the disc from pinching the nerve. I try to carry on my life

blocking the pain, by sheer will and determination to "kick it" through exercise. Recently, I found that playing basketball with my kids places me

in a posture that does not "hurt" and helps me to keep active. So, as in the artwork, I am cheering myself on to "go,go,go!" and to focus on doing

exercises, as well as looking up for divine guidance on how to proceed on days when I need emotional assistance.


© 2006 Eugenia Algaze Garcia



Some Healing Trees are available as Limited Edition Giclee prints and note cards. Please contact the artist to find out what trees are currently available.

Custom Healing Trees may be commissioned to meet your specifications by contacting the artist. (around $1 per square inch for watercolor or acrylic plus materials. Slightly less for pencil/graphite/charcoal). Price variation with complexity and size).

"Sciatica", acrylic, 16x20

Sciatica is available as limitied edition Giclee prints in various sizes.

3x5, with mat



Please contact for more information.


"If Trees Could Talk"

"If Trees Could Talk: Of Tennis and Love"


© 2007 Eugenia Algaze Garcia


Eugenia Algaze Garcia captures some images showing what some trees would communicate "If Trees Could Talk". Her "If Trees Could Talk" series of pencil drawings uses tree bark patterns to reflect the activities witnessed by the trees.

See www.mindful-art.com/gallery for more information.

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