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By Eugenia Algaze Garcia

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 Updated December 2008: Counting All Mindful Art surveys from 2006 through December 2008

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Top Favorite Mindful Art Artworks

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Top Categories:

The subjects people would like to see in the future with the most votes in order:

Seasonal (Fall and Winter),  Sea/Water,  Peace/Calm, Love. Floral, Joy, Birth, People, Nature, and a variety of topics receiving 1 to 3 votes.


Top Favorite Mindful Art Artworks

(by votes received)

"Itís Not Hot" (a palm tree by the sea), "Come Children, It's Safe", Birth Series (esp. "Birth Waves", Dentist Series (esp. "Cat Got Your Tongue", "Cats and Flowers", "Out on a Limb", Leaf art, Portraits, and most other Mindful Art artworks receiving 1 to 2 votes.


Current Projects:

Birth Series (around 16 - 20)

Dentist Series


Palm Trees

Healing Trees

Pregnant Trees


If Trees Could Talk

Custom Trees


Just completed in late 2008:

Seasonal Art : "Sneaky Turkeys", "Mixed Seasons", "Horsing Around In The Corn Field"


Your Vote Counts!

At each MINDFUL ART Booth, survey forms are available for guest feedback. Knowing what people like and what topic or category they would like to see in the future helps me prioritize some of my projects and allows guests to have an interactive role in my art.

For a list of Mindful Art artworks click here. For a list of Mindful Art Experimental artworks click here.

Join the fun of interacting with the art. If you would like to vote your choices, please contact me with answers to the following questions.

1. Favorite Mindful Art Painting?

2. Do you prefer acrylic or watercolor artworks?

3. Do you prefer Giclees on Canvas or paper?

4. What category would you like to see in the future? (example: sea, desert, floral, season, other- please designate).

5. What feeling do you wish depicted in a Mindful Art artwork?

A Big Thank You to all who have participated thus far. Hope to see you at a MINDFUL ART event so that you can interact with the art!


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