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By Eugenia Algaze Garcia

Explorations: Experimental Series


Creating ART is often an experimental process. I must have balance in my life. Whereby sometimes I paint in a rigid fashion, I have come to appreciate learning to loosen up at times and explore for the shear fun of it. The paintings shown here are explorations of themes, materials, effects, and color, to name a few.

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 Explorations into brush cleaning (click here)


"If Trees Could Talk": (Click here)

  "Pond Saver"

 "Leaf Studies" series (see left and below for samples)

"Swan Flower" (see picture and note at left)

"Overwhelmed, But Calm"

 "Message For Beach Bum"

"The Current, Swimming To The Right"

"The Three Foot Sailboat"

"Don't Fence Me In: Exploring Impossible"

Sneaky Fish Series

"One Chile Pepper Too Many"


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"Pond Saver" , original watercolor and pencil, 16x20.

(Ltd edition Giclee prints and note cards also available)

Can you find a face, a pocket protector, and an eye? What else do you see?


"Pond Saver" began as an experiment on the theme of "Geek Art" for a juried exhibition at The Arts Alliance Center at Clear Lake. It was selected for exhibtion in the Geek Art Show at TAACCL, earned 2nd Place in drawing at the National Society of Artists show in Clear Lake, and a 1st place at the Fort Bend County Fair. This artwork was also selected to be published in Watercolor Magic Magazine's Creativity Workshop Responses Online.




Leaf Study: "Curious Ivy.



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Leaf study: Leaf Fish.

Ltd Edition Giclee prints available

11x14 fine art paper

11x14 canvas

4x5 canvas



"Swan Flower" , © 2006

acrylic 8x10

an exploration on color while cleaning the brush and palette from "Overwhelmed, but Calm."

"Don't Fence Me In: Exploring Impossible"

(c) 2004 by Eugenia Algaze Garcia

An experimental piece painted around the same time as "Dawn of a New Life"











"Don't Fence Me In: Exploring Impossible"

(c) 2004 by Eugenia Algaze Garcia


I have taken this word out of the dictionary

Making comfortable what used to be scary (and quite contrary).

Parameter Stretching,

Or changing, equals idea fetching.

Surrendering a paradigm

Sensitizes what was previously sublime.

If these sentences

Break up fences,

Let it be from the word's removal -

Enlightening approval.


If you separate the "I" and "M" (I'M), which focuses on self-improvement, from the rest of the word, then "Possible" can become a reality.










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"The Three Foot Sailboat"

An exploration of themes trying to combine feet and boats just before finding the right shrimpboat as a base for "Blessing of the Feet".

© 2003




"The Current, Swimming To The Right"

An exploration of the ocean in preparation for a much larger painting. © 2005




The following are explorations on the play between sand and ocean, colors, light and shadow, mood, and textures.


"Message for Beach Bum" & "Overwhelmed, But Calm"

© 2006 © 2006


"Overwhelmed, But Calm": Can you find a person swimming in the sand? Can you find a face in the water?


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 "The Three Foot Sailboat", 11x14 watercolor on clayboard. © 2003