© 2003-2007

By Eugenia Algaze Garcia

Sea Related


"Blessing of the Feet,"

mixed media

© 2003 by Eugenia Algaze Garcia.

Can you find at least 6 feet and 4 shoes?

What else do you see?

On first glance, the painting seems to depict just a couple of shrimp boats. The dual red markers may strike an odd chord since a green marker on the right would indicate the side to which the boats should travel. There is not enough room for the boats to turn around. Hence, it is a good thing that the boats are blessed with feet so that they may walk back and out of a dangerous situation. (Did you find the toes, the whole foot, and calves of 2 of the 6 feet, yet?)

Jean Lafitte (pronounced "lah-feet", again a play on word sounds) was rumoured to have left a treasure in the Kemah/Seabrook area. Could it be large faces of his crew in the water?

On closer inspection you may begin to find other shapes of feet and shoes in the artwork - and more! The longer you look, the more you see.

Ltd Edition size: 100

Sizes of Giclee prints and mixed media available:

4x5 canvas (with mat)

16x20 mixed media on fine art paper

16x20 mixed media on canvas



"Dog Paddling On The Current; She Swims To The Left"

acrylic, 24"x48"

©2006 Eugenia Algaze Garcia

How many dogs can you find?

Can you find a woman swimming?


 This artwork has exhibited in the following:

2006 Galveston Art League Juried Exhibition,

The 2007 National Society of Artists Juried National Exhibiton hosted by The Arts Alliance Center at Clear Lake and

Upstream People Gallery's 5th Annual Color: Bold/Subtle International Online Juried Art Exhibition. (See exhibitions for more information).

Ltd. Edition Giclee prints available in 2 sizes.

12" x 24"

24" x 48"


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