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 12/7/04 -- "Eugenia, After reading your artist statement and background, I am reminded of the joy of creation that sometimes gets lost in everyday life. I am always impressed with your ability to be in various places and still create, not to mention posting a new web site. I think it is great that you embrace, surrealism, impressionism, symbolism, and are not confined by any labels nor mediums. Your energy and enjoyment of inspires me. I applaud your efforts. Keep up the good work."

-- Iris, Houston, Texas


12/2/04 -- "Eugenia, I absolutely love them [the portraits]. It looks so much like the pictures and even better.

You have such a gift. You really made my day.

Thanks again. Appreciate it. I showed it to a few coworkers and they loved it too. You may be getting calls from them too. I'll advertise for you. Thank you."

-- Rose, Houston, Texas


 11/1/04 -- "Not only are you good, but GREAT. Seldom have I seen /felt so much in such tiny spaces."

-- Emmett Abati Doe, Houston, Texas


10/7/04 -- "Keep the Mindful Art flowing!"

-- J.T., Oahu, Hawaii, USA


10/7/04 -- "I think your art is fabulous and you deserve a lot of recognition."

-- J.N., Houston, Texas


10/5/04 -- "Oh man, those things are all so good. I can't pick a favorite."

-- A.G., from Texas, U.S.



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